The Yard BLOG




PIDC, its tenants, and partners have undertaken a number of sustainability-related initiatives at the Navy Yard to create a progressive and green work environment.

Adaptively reusing Navy-built buildings for new, modern office use, as well as their original industrial intent 

Constructing the first developer-owned, multi-tenant LEED® Platinum buildings in the U.S. (One Crescent Drive)

Encouraging new buildings to be certified LEED® Silver at minimum

Using green technologies for renovations and maintenance, e.g. Energy Star roofs, energy efficient windows and lighting

Undertaking a major water/sewer project to upgrade The Navy Yard's aging infrastructure and improve water conservation

Rebuilding the road system with improved stormwater management systems

Expanded landscaping with water-loving plants and rain gardens, as well as permeable asphalt 

Solar-and wind-powered street lamps

The Navy Yard Shuttle services free to employees and visitors to connect to mass transit

Eco-friendly cleaning products 

Bicycle racks and lanes 

EV charging station

Bicycle share and car sharing options coming soon!