Navy Yard Event Rules and Regulations


  • Rain dates can be requested and approved based on availability. An additional Daily Site Fee of up to 50% will be charged when booking a rain date. Site fees will not be refunded if a rain date is not used. 
  • The official Navy Yard logo must be used in all printed and electronic materials (brochures, flyers, banners, t-shirts, websites, advertisements, or giveaways) produced in association with the event at a size equivalent to no less than one-half of the presenting sponsor’s logo. All marketing/promotional materials referencing the Navy Yard must be reviewed and approved by the Navy Yard’s Marketing Director before distribution. 
  • Event organizer will make best efforts to submit event photography, if applicable, to PIDC for social media and promotional purposes within 14 days of event breakdown, and/or allow PIDC’s contracted photographer to attend and photograph event at no additional cost. 
  • Event organizer will provide the Navy Yard with marketing opportunities to communicate with attendees at or post event. PIDC staff will facilitate best means of communication during the initial meeting and/or final meeting. 
  • Parking or driving on grass and sidewalks is strictly prohibited without prior permission from PIDC. Applicants shall ensure that their guests, vendors, concessionaires and exhibitors shall not park or drive vehicles on grass or sidewalks. 
  • Fastening or attaching any rope, sign, banner, flyer or other object to any tree, shrub, or natural amenity in any park area is strictly prohibited and automatically forfeits all or part of the security deposit. Any ground markings on paved or turf areas must be done with non-permanent materials. 
  • The use of any unmanned aircraft systems (UAS/drone) equipment is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and PIDC. 
  • Grilling or barbequing with charcoal is strictly prohibited. The use of propane grills may be permitted with prior approval. 
  • For all park spaces (excluding the Marine Parade Grounds, Field 624, or Mustin Fairgrounds): Staking of any kind which includes, but is not limited to, tenting, guide wires, grounding rods, tethering lines and/or signs post is strictly prohibited and automatically forfeits all or part of the security deposit.


  • Site fees are as outlined on the fee schedule on the application. Non-profit organizations with verified 501(c)(3) status will receive a 25% reduced Daily Site Fee. 
  • Applicant will be charged the following set up or break down fee associated with production of the event: 
    • Weekday set up after 3:00 PM: no additional daily site fee. 
    • Weekday set up prior to 3:00 PM: 25% of the quoted daily site fee. 
    • Exclusive weekend set up: 50% of the quoted daily site fee. 
    • Break down must be completed prior to 3:00 PM on day of event, or may be subject to 50% charge of the quoted daily site fee. 
  • No refunds will be granted for any canceled events, due to inclement weather conditions, COVID-19, or any other reasons. Cancellations must be made in writing.
    • Cancellations made more than 60 days prior to the event date will receive 50% refund of the site fee. 
    • Cancellations made 30-60 days prior to the event date will receive a 25% refund of the site fee. 
    • Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the event date will forfeit the entire site fee. 
  • If the City of Philadelphia extends the Event Moratorium and your event is canceled and/or cannot be rescheduled within the 2022 calendar year, a 75% refund of the site fee will apply. 
  • Security deposits will be refunded approximately 45 days following the event date if all requirements are met and the site is left clean and without damage. 
    • All penalties will be deducted from the event security deposit, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Penalties that exceed the security deposit paid in advance and being held by PIDC will result in an outstanding balance that must be paid upon receipt of notice and prior to consideration of future Special Event requests. PIDC may deny future Special Event requests from any applicant if an outstanding balance exists.


  • The Navy Yard does not provide amenities such as sound systems, tables, chairs, tents, portable restrooms, disposable trash/recycling containers, trash/recycling service or dumpsters, electrical service or generators, potable water, or other support materials and services. These amenities must be procured by the applicant. 
  • Applicant will be required to provide adequate volunteers to fully staff the event, including for the purpose of directing patron parking. Volunteers must wear proper safety attire when applicable. 
  • Provisions for reserved parking are not included in the issuance of any event approval.


  • PIDC requires Navy Yard site security at the applicant’s expense. Applicant will be notified of the required number of security personnel and associated costs within approximately fifteen (15) business days of initial events meeting. Site security personnel must be contracted through the Navy Yard’s security provider, Allied Universal Security Services. Any additional event security deemed necessary must be procured through Allied Universal Security Services or another approved security contractor. PIDC retains the rights to adjust security needs if the event attendance changes from the initial estimate, and to approve all security plans, as well as any parking, safety, and/or traffic control plans. 
  • Applicant will be required to provide adequate volunteers to fully staff the event, including for the purpose of directing patron parking. Volunteers must wear proper safety attire when applicable. 


  • Provisions for reserved parking are not included in the issuance of any event approval. Requests for use of parking lot(s) must be made by the event organizer at least 90 days from event date, and must receive approval and separate, signed License Agreement from private parking lot owners. Using a parking lot may require a fee at the owner’s discretion. Street parking is generally available on a first-come, first-served basis. For events with attendance over 3,000 people, we recommend utilizing a shuttle service to transport attendees from public transit stops or other parking areas outside of the Navy Yard to the event site, and/or utilizing a third party parking vendor to assist with parking needs.


The certificate of insurance must evidence, at a minimum, general liability with a $2,000,000 per occurrence limit of liability, specifically naming PAID, PIDC, CBRE, and their respective officers, directors, members,  employees, representatives and agents as an additional insured. The certificate of insurance is due within fourteen (14) days of event approval, the License Agreement must be signed and returned to PIDC with janitorial and/or security fee and security deposit payment (if applicable), certificate of insurance, and other requested documentation to secure the date(s).

General Liability Insurance

(a) Limit of Liability: 

   (i) $2,000,000 per occurrence combined single limit for bodily injury (including death) and property damage liability;

   (ii) $1,000,000 personal and advertising injury;

   (iii) $2,000,000 general aggregate; and

   (iv) $2,000,000 aggregate for products and completed operations.

(b) Coverage

   Premises operations; Blanket contractual liability; Personal injury liability (employee exclusion deleted); Products and completed operations; Independent contractors; Employees as additional insureds; Cross liability; Broad form property damage liability (including completed operations and loss of use) liability and explosion, collapse, and underground hazards, care custody and control exemption excluded.

Automobile Liability

(a) Limit of Liability:

   (i) $2,000,000 per occurrence combined single limit for bodily injury (including death) and property damage liability.

(b) Coverage: Owned, non-owned and hired vehicles.

Workers Compensation & Employers' Liability 

(a) Workers' Compensation - Statutory limit

(b) Employers' Liability: 

   (i) $500,000.00 Each Accident-Bodily Injury by Accident; 

   (ii) $500,000.00 Each Employee-Bodily Injury by Disease; and

   (iii) $500,000.00 Policy Limit-Bodily Injury by Disease.

Please note: If you are requesting to serve/sell alcohol at your event, and your request is approved, additional insurance requirements will apply, including but not limited to host liquor liability or liquor law liability in amount to be determined by PIDC’s risk management team.


Event organizers acknowledges that we are currently in a pandemic which may affect events in 2022. Event organizers must agree to the to the Indemnification contained in the License Agreement, and shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Indemnitees from and against any claims, including but not limited to those related to illness, injury, or death, arising out of or related to COVID-19 by any event organizer’s agent. Furthermore, event organizer shall and shall cause its agents to comply with the City of Philadelphia’s Guidelines found at, including but not limited to the following: 

   (a)Requiring guests to cover their face (“face covering”) while on site except while drinking or eating on the Property; 
   (b)Requiring guests to social distance and stay at least 6 feet away from other people; and 
   (c) Providing a sufficient amount of hand sanitizer for guests to use throughout the event. 

To help keep people safe as businesses, services, and activities restart, PIDC will continue to follow the City of Philadelphia’s guidelines for events. 

PIDC will review and approve event applications in adherence with our standard timeline and procedures; however, events are subject to be postponed or canceled due to new guidelines issued by the City of Philadelphia or Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.