10,000 Bulbs Planted at the Navy Yard

by Navy Yard
May 1, 2018

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In preparation for spring and summer at the Navy Yard, we partnered with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) to plant 10,000 bulbs in the Broad Street meadow, Building 101, and along Admiral Peary Way. Each of the plantings offer a new visual stimulus along your commute to work, or your stroll along the riverfront.

Some of the varieties of these 10,000 newly planted bulbs include 250 Allium – giganteum, 200 Narcissus – odorus Linnaeus, 500 Camassia – leichtlinii, and 1,000 Gladiolus – communis ssp. Byzantinus.Navy Yard - Bulb Species Details 4-5-18-01

You can expect a few new friends like butterflies and bees that also enjoy the colors, scents, and aromas of the Navy Yard in these warmer months. If you enjoy seeing these flowers around the Navy Yard, take a photo and tag us @NavyYardPhila on Instagram!