Get Your Green Thumbs with an Urban Homestead-ish Workshop

by Navy Yard
July 21, 2023

Caring for and tending to plants in an urban environment can be a difficult task. That’s why at the Navy Yard we offer fun and free programming to strengthen your understanding of plant care and connecting with nature.

During a recent Urban Homestead-ish Houseplants 101 class hosted by Black Girls with Green Thumbs, Latiaynna and Pamia (co-founders) guided a group of Navy Yard employees and community members on optimal care for plants, emphasizing that every “house plant” is inherently suited for the outdoors, so we must nurture them accordingly. The ladies provided valuable insights on the impact of water, light, and potting, as well as imparted knowledge on propagation for new growth.

Black Girls with Green Thumbs is committed to their duty of sharing educational, spiritual, and practical messages and experiences as a testament to their deep affection for the Philadelphia community. With a successful track record of over a year of organizing community events at the Navy Yard, they hold a strong belief in fostering a sense of home within the city.

During the latest class, one participant, a teacher, said “I’ve been coming [to the Navy Yard] since 2020 during the pandemic. I’m a teacher, so this was a great place to escape the stress of school during that time. This place became comfortable for me, and I started to get into all the different events. Today, I wanted to learn some more about my house plants. I have a ton at home and was interested in how to help them thrive. I also had the idea of bringing them to my classroom and trying to teach my students what I learned here today. I just want to say that I am loving all of the free events [in the Navy Yard] and am looking forward to more of them.”

The Houseplants 101 workshop is just one of many that Black Girls with Green Thumbs hosts at the Navy Yard throughout the year. In June, they taught a hot sauce making class and are scheduled to host another Houseplants 101 class (July 27), an Infused Oils class (August 17 & 31), and a Terrarium Making workshop (September 14).

We’d love to see you join us at one of our next Black Girls with Green Thumbs workshops!

More details and information on each of these programs will be posted to our website at

Black Girls with Green Thumbs Hot Sauce Making Class in Central Green.