Navy Yard Welcomes New Utility General Manager

by Navy Yard
November 3, 2023

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We are pleased to welcome Scott Dever as the new general manager for the Navy Yard electric utility. Dever is taking over for Rudy Terry who served in that role for the past 12.5 years.

Dever comes to the Navy Yard with a wealth of diverse utility management experience, including 30 years at the Philadelphia Gas Works, as well as a recent tour at PECO as senior program manager for new residential construction.

“Scott will be a wonderful addition to our Navy Yard team,” said Kate McNamara, PIDC’s Senior Vice President at the Navy Yard. “He has a proven track record at the Navy Yard with PGW and PECO and has extensive experience in utility distribution and infrastructure and in managing major accounts. Although it is sad to see Rudy leave our PIDC team, I am happy that he will stay on as a consultant to ensure a seamless transition. The Navy Yard has a complex utility grid that services many diverse industries with individual needs like the U.S. Navy, shipbuilding and repair, and advanced life sciences. I have full confidence in Scott as he works with Rudy and the Dominion Energy team in his new role.”

Dever brings historic knowledge and familiarity with the Navy Yard, as he facilitated major gas infrastructure and service improvements to support prior development at the Navy Yard.  He is a longtime resident of the Northeast, and when he’s not working, loves spending time with his grandkids and enjoying the Shore.

Scott Dever, General Manager, Navy Yard Electric Utility

For Dever’s getting appointed as the new utility general manager is reconnecting him with his past.

“I consider it an honor to return to the Navy Yard, especially through a role with PIDC, since I was an early member of the Developer’s Service Committee where the original redevelopment plan was presented,” said Dever. “Seeing that plan now in existence and having the opportunity to be a part of the remaining expansion is very exciting and the perfect opportunity for me at this point in my career.”

Given the significant utility project work planned for the next few years at the Navy Yard, Terry will be working closely with Dever and the rest of the Navy Yard utility team to facilitate a seamless transition as he cuts back from frontline management to more of a supporting role where his main mission will be to transfer the knowledge he’s gained over his career to his successor.

“Managing the electric utility business at the Navy Yard over my tenure has been interesting, exciting, sometimes challenging, but always rewarding,” said Terry. “I have learned a great deal about electric distribution and micro grid management over my 12 plus years tour of duty, and I have been blessed to work with extremely proficient technologists and tradespeople whose skills and expertise we depend upon for reliable power delivery and grid growth at the Navy Yard. I also cannot recall a better company to work with nor a better place to do that work, than PIDC at the Navy Yard. I have been fortunate to have had many opportunities to grow my skills and thus be able to contribute to the utilities’ success in moving both grid operations and grid expansion project execution to the next level. I am thankful to all who made this opportunity available and supported me over the years.”

About the Navy Yard Electric Grid

The 1,200-acre Navy Yard campus is powered by a 44-megawatt unregulated electric grid, which makes it one of the largest unregulated electric distribution systems on the East Coast. This makes it an ideal setting for smart grid research and for demonstrating and deploying energy-efficient technologies, energy generation and storage, and microgrid controls and distribution.

Community Solar

There are more than 1,200 solar panels in the community solar power system that allows companies at the Navy Yard the opportunity to share the benefits of solar power without installing panels on their own property. The Navy Yard Community Solar project was the first of its kind in Pennsylvania, and produces clean, reliable, cost-efficient power for the campus.

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

The 6.4-megawatt BESS provides power cost savings to the Navy Yard and beyond through green energy technology. The system provides a cheaper source of energy for the business tenants of the Navy Yard through peak shaving technology when the demand and cost of power is highest throughout the day. Battery storage technology is imperative to ensuring the success of the renewable energy revolution because it has the capacity to make green power available for future use. Facilities connected to battery storage technology will have uninterrupted use of power during major local outages and facilitate resilient buildings and microgrids.

Peaking Plant

This 6-megawatt natural gas-fired peaking plant runs during the Navy Yard’s peak demand periods and during intervals of high-cost energy and capacity from the grid. By generating power during peak times, the project allows PIDC to reliably meet the projected demand growth needs of the Navy Yard and its tenants.