7 Ideas to Escape the Cubicle (and Work Outside) at the Navy Yard!

by Navy Yard
July 24, 2018

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Last week, in partnership with L.L. Bean and Industrious, the world’s first outdoor co-working space was brought to the Navy Yard. For three days, Philadelphians and Navy Yard employees alike reveled in the views of the Reserve Basin, enjoying the outdoor breeze of the Yard – all while taking care of everyday nine to five business!

Research shows that when we spend more time outdoors, we are more productive, more creative, and more effective at our jobs.  According to L.L. Bean, productivity increases 50% after just four days of exposure to the outdoors.

Being a community built for business, the Navy Yard has hidden gems and intentional places made for collaboration, motivation, and adventure. Here are seven ideas to escape the cubicle and work outside!

Riverfront Walk & Talks:
Exchange your next one-on-one for a walk and talk along the river. It’s the perfect way to de-stress and share a stroll alongside your colleagues.


Bluesky Brainstorming in Dry Dock Park:
Dry Dock Park is a place filled with history, innovation, and creativity. It is the ideal location to take the team, grab a notebook, and capture all the ideas that pour from a bluesky brainstorm.


Co-working Collaboration in Central Green:
The Wi-Fi access and conference table in Central Green is free and available for any employee (or business) to take advantage of. Making this space bookable in your company calendar can motivate employees to co-work and collaborate in Central Green.

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Social Track Check-ins:
The 1/5 mile track around Central Green is a great way for managers and employees to have regular debriefs and check-ins – weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Being outside helps us focus on one another and limits distraction found inside the office.

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Fresh Air Feedback in Crescent Park:
The open air environment in Crescent Park is just right for fresh air feedback – allowing us to be more open, relaxed,  and talkative.


Adirondack Emails:
Take some much need-need time away from the office and catch up on emails in the Adirondack chairs in Central Green.


League Island Team Building:
Outdoor team building activities help employees to trust others and work as a cohesive team. League Island Park offers a quiet and intimate green space for employees to gather and enjoy outdoor team building, reducing stress and increasing workplace morale. Check out a list of outdoor team building activities here!