Elementary School Students Celebrate End of School Year at The Navy Yard

by Navy Yard
June 5, 2023

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Students from F. Amedee Bregy Elementary School (Bregy Elementary) celebrated the end of the school year with a fun day of activities at The Navy Yard last week.

The students participated in a field day with  activities such as tug-o-war, 3-legged race, potato sack race, obstacle course, egg relay race, water carry race, kite flying, and more. They also got the chance to indulge in some local-favorite treats such as water ice and soft pretzels.

As a part of the Navy Yard’s efforts to support the community, they adopted Bregy Elementary in 2019 in order to support the students on their journey towards success and achievements both academically and in their everyday lives. Founded in 1923, this year marks Bregy Elementary’s 100th anniversary, and the Navy Yard is proud to be partnered with them.

“Hosting events like the field day for Bregy Elementary helps us build strong relationships with the community,” said Kate McNamara, PIDC’s senior vice president at the Navy Yard. “The Navy Yard continues to grow and become more ingrained in the surrounding communities. Philadelphians use our 20 acres of parks and greenspace through our open-to-the public programming. 15,000 people work at the more than 150 diverse Navy Yard companies, and soon we will be breaking ground on new residential units – the first since the base closed in 1996. Because of our growth, it is especially important to be working with the schools Navy Yard employees and soon-to-be residents will use for their children to help foster their development and expose them to opportunities like this.”

The Navy Yard supports Bregy Elementary through initiatives such as school supply drives and engagement activities like field days.

“I think the Navy Yard’s partnership with the school is an amazing experience for the children to let loose and enjoy the area” said a fifth-grade teacher.