Happy 100th Birthday, Tastykake!

by Navy Yard
February 26, 2014

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Tasty Baking Company, manufacturer of beloved Philadelphia-made snacks, celebrated its 100th birthday yesterday at its bakery at The Navy Yard. The maker of Krimpets and Kandy Kakes honored the occasion by “Kaking Over” Philadelphia with 100 deliveries of Tastykakes to locations throughout the city to first responders and charities around the city. The City of Philadelphia also declared February 25th “Tastykake Day.”

Kirby the Krimpet greets visitors to Tasty Baking Company's Navy Yard bakery
Kirby the Krimpet greets visitors to Tasty Baking Company’s Navy Yard bakery


Tasty Baking Company’s President, Paul Ridder, spoke about Tasty’s history. Tastykake began on February 25, 1914 when Pittsburgh baker Philip J. Baur and a Boston egg salesman Herbert T. Morris partnered to bake and deliver daily individually wrapped snack cakes from their bakery in Philadelphia. The name came about when Herbert’s wife bit into a cake, declared “What a tasty cake!” and the name stuck. In 1922, Tasty Baking Company moved to Hunting Park Avenue, where hit items like the Krimpet and Kandy Kake were invented. In 2010, Tasty Baking Company relocated into its state-of-the-art, LEED Silver certified bakery at The Navy Yard Commerce Center, developed by Liberty Property Trust/Synterra Partners. Tasty Baking Company became a subsidiary of Flowers Foods in 2011, and as a result, Americans across the country now have the opportunity to enjoy Philadelphia’s favorite snack cakes.

Tasty Baking Company President Paul Ridder speaks about Tasty's longstanding Philly heritage
Tasty Baking Company President Paul Ridder speaks about Tasty’s longstanding Philly heritage

Paul also announced the release of limited-edition Birthday Kake Cupkakes, a festive confetti cake with chocolate-flavored icing and multi-colored sprinkles. Attendees celebrated the birthday with a multi-layered Tastykake cake.

Happy 100th birthday, Tasty!
Happy 100th birthday, Tasty!
New, limited-edition Birthday Kake Cupkakes
New, limited-edition Birthday Kake Cupkakes

For more information about Tasty Baking Company, please visit www.tastykake.com.