In the Neighborhood: The Galley Café

by Navy Yard
January 22, 2018

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The Galley Café is located in the lobby of the Vincera Institute at the Navy Yard, offering a seasonally inspired, nutritious menu. The Galley Café sources locally from South Street Bagels and offers vegan options from Vegan Commissary, as well as a smoothie bar and organic and fair trade coffee from One Village Coffee

Caroline McGuire
Caroline McGuire

Since October 2017, Caroline McGuire has taken over as the new owner of the Galley Café.  She offers a wealth of knowledge for holistic nutrition, culinary arts, and lifestyle practices to achieve optimal health. Using food and nutrition as motivation, Caroline assists her clients in achieving their highest wellness potential.

When not working behind the counter, Caroline uses her talents as a private chef to prepare the food for the Galley Café and provide one-on-one nutrition consulting. Her consulting skills can help to evaluate and improve each client’s current health condition, dietary practice, and lifestyle choices. She offers in-home and home delivery services with food shopping, meal planning, meal preparing, and packaging options.

Caroline encourages everyone to stop by the Galley Café for a bite, really good coffee, and nutrition guidance right here at the Navy Yard.

If you have never visited the Galley Café, now is the perfect time! During Vincera Institute’s RENEW Week from January 22 to January 26, the Galley Café is offering $7 detox smoothies or $25 for all 5 days!

Each day of RENEW Week offers a different detoxing option – Mon: liver detox; Tues: digestion health; Wed: healing the adrenals; Thurs: brain health; Fri: glowing skin. You can visit Caroline and the Galley Café for your smoothie or other offerings, Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, in the lobby of the Vincera Institute (1200 Constitution Ave).

the galley
The Galley Cafe