Infrastructure Project to Bring Added Trees to Navy Yard

by Navy Yard
July 21, 2022

With more than $40 million in infrastructure projects and approximately $500 million in new development for 2022, the recently released Navy Yard Plan is off to a fast start. In addition to new buildings and a rebuilt Broad Street, these projects will also bring new trees and greenery throughout the campus and thoughtful public amenities to the Navy Yard.

One of the projects we are most excited about is the long-awaited reconstruction of Broad Street, which begins July 25 and will restore four lanes of travel, as well as add a dedicated bike lane and pedestrian amenities. As part of the widening of this corridor, eight trees will need to be removed, but 90 new trees will be planted along Broad Street and throughout the campus to replace them.

The Navy Yard operations team will be working with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) to plant the new trees beginning this fall and throughout the duration of the project. PHS generously donated more than 20 trees and dozens of perennial plants that were featured in the 2022 Philadelphia Flower Show.

The Navy Yard was certified as a Level-1 arboretum in 2018 by Arbnet and the addition of 90 trees to the 2,000 trees already established demonstrates the Navy Yard’s commitment to public greenspace, sustainable landscapes, and resiliency.

As one of only five arboretums in Philadelphia, it is especially important that the Navy Yard preserves and expands greenspaces at the Navy Yard. By building upon and sustaining green spaces, the Navy Yard can assure that future generations have a place to appreciate nature in an urban environment, while at the same time developing the Navy Yard to create equitable growth, jobs, and accessibility for decades to come.

Broad Street Quay Wall Reconstruction Project
As announced on July 1, 2022, the Navy Yard will begin the reconstruction of the section of Broad Street between Crescent Dr and Intrepid Ave, also known as the “quay wall” on July 25. It’s a very complex project that has been in planning and procurement for many years, and once finished, will have four lanes for vehicles, a two-way raised bike lane, and a new, scenic pedestrian plaza overlooking the Reserve Basin.

This construction project will take approximately 12 months to complete. During this time, Broad Street will be closed between Crescent Dr and Intrepid Ave.

The $19 million+ total project cost is in part funded by PennDOT, the Economic Development Authority (EDA), City of Philadelphia, and PIDC.

Learn more about the Broad Street quay wall reconstruction project on the Yard BLOG.