Mural Arts Philadelphia and PIDC Unveil New Public Art at the Navy Yard

by Navy Yard
May 9, 2019

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Mural Arts Philadelphia and PIDC unveil their latest public art project at the Navy Yard: Spring into Dance by artist Loveis Wise. The project consists of six, 19-foot banners celebrating the human connection with nature. Each banner features an individual joyfully immersed in a different type of forested area. The banners are displayed at Building 101 (4747 S. Broad Street), a former marine barracks.

The work by Loveis Wise will be dedicated with a public celebration on May 17th. Register for the dedication here!

Loveis Wise is a 23-year-old illustrator and graduate of Philadelphia’s University of the Arts, who has gained national attention for her recent covers of the New Yorker, one of the first black women to illustrate the cover of the publication. The project at the Navy Yard is her first project with Mural Arts Philadelphia, and her largest installation to date.

“I’m inspired by joy, body positivity, and self-love and care,” Wise says of her work. “The Navy Yard is constantly visited and shared as a notable space within Philly’s community, and I wanted to create a piece that would vibrate and animate the space with movement flowing with each figure.”

This is the fifth collaboration between Mural Arts Philadelphia and PIDC, which manages and develops the historic waterfront district. The work will be dedicated with a public celebration on May 17, 2019, at 1 p.m. on the porch of Building 101, and will be available for public view throughout the summer and beyond. Visitors are highly encouraged to discover other Mural Arts projects positioned around the riverfront, Reserve Basin with naval ships, Navy Yard shuttle buses, and more.

“Mural Arts is thrilled to be continuing our partnership with PIDC with this new and exciting work of art by Loveis Wise,” said Mural Arts Philadelphia’s Executive Director Jane Golden. “Her artwork creates a sense of hopefulness and makes you want to jump for joy. In partnership with entities like the Navy Yard and PIDC, Mural Arts provides opportunities for over 200 artists every year. Together we can make sure that there are a variety of creative platforms for young artists like Loveis. We are so proud of our partnership and honored to work with an artist like Loveis – who is definitely destined for greatness.”

 “We are honored to work with Loveis Wise in our partnership with Mural Arts Philadelphia,” said Prema Katari Gupta, PIDC’s Senior Vice President of Navy Yard Planning and Development. “Spring into Dance is the perfect fit for the Navy Yard because it showcases diversity and community, and features a vibrant color palette that connects with our verdant campus. We hope employees and visitors will delight in this joyous art project and find even more reasons to explore the Navy Yard.”

High-resolution images are available HERE (photo credit: Steve Weinik). To request interviews, please contact Leah Sinderbrand at