Navy Yard Spring Cleaning

by Navy Yard
May 2, 2018

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Dating back to the 1800s, the biggest annual housecleaning took place in the spring after winters left homes coated with layers of soot and grime. Lamps lit with whale oil or kerosene, heated with coal and wood, left behind unimaginable messes. A proper cleaning required open windows to air out the soot out, which could only be done during warmer seasons.

The Navy Yard’s form of spring cleaning took shape by shredding confidential documents with ProShred Philly, recycling electronics with E-Force Recycling, and collecting gently used professional attire to benefit Career Wardrobe!

spring cleaning-01-01

During Lunch Truck Lineup in Central Green on Tuesday May 1, 2018, we successfully shredded 3,300 lbs of paper, recycled 2,847 lbs of electronics, and received over 100 men’s & women’s suits at our professional attire clothing drive!

Thank you to everyone that made this event a success. All clothing donations will go to Career Wardrobe, a nonprofit social enterprise that uses clothing and professional development to empower unemployed individuals to work.