Interactive Navy Yard Map

by Navy Yard
November 21, 2023

Have you checked out our interactive Navy Yard – Things to See & Do Map where you can discover all the Navy Yard has to offer conveniently from the palm of your hand?

The map, which can be downloaded and accessed through Google Maps, is sorted by categories so you can find what you want while visiting the Navy Yard. This is a new way to #DiscoverTheYard!

We sorted the map into four different color-coded categories so you can easily get to the Navy Yard sites you want to see. The sites on the map include a description of the location with present and historical photos.

If you are feeling outdoorsy, select a green button to see the 20+ acres of different Parks & Greenspaces you can enjoy at the Navy Yard.

If you are a history buff, select a blue button to take a self-guided tour of our Scenic Sites & Historical Buildings.

And by the time you’ve checked out the parks and historical sites and buildings, you’ll have probably worked up an appetite; so, you can select the aqua button for information on the Food & Drink / Hospitality / Retail options available.

Most recently, we’ve added an Active & Planned Construction category where you can see the great things we’re currently building and information on our 2022 Navy Yard Plan.

This map is also available from the Directions & Maps section of our website. You can test out the interactive Navy Yard – Things to See & Do Map below!