It’s RE-New Year Week at Vincera Institute!

by Navy Yard
January 12, 2014

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It’s RE-New Year Week at Vincera Institute! Kick off the new year by re-energizing during the week of January 13-17. Click through for all details on all the RE-New Year week events!

Vincera Institute's new home at Building 489. Photo via
Vincera Institute’s new home at Building 489. Photo via


Smoothie Cleanse with Laura Ferro

at The Galley Café

All week 1/13 – 1/17

$45 for 5 days

A digestive restorative program from Nourish + Nosh with Laura Ferro will focus on repairing and restoring healthy gut flora and balancing pH levels. Smoothies/juices will be offered, with superfoods that will help to repair and restore a healthy digestive tract.

So say good bye to bloat, constipation, lethargy, irritability and all of the other health issues related to digestive disruption. You’ll have a flat belly, lots of energy and an overall healthy immune system in no time! Many people don’t realize the many health issues that are caused from unhealthy gut flora. Learn all of them and how to avoid them on Laura’s blog!

Preregister with Laura here. Visit to learn more about Laura Ferro’s holistic health services


Community Acupuncture at Nava Yoga Center

Acupuncture treatment provided by Flat Rock Health

Wednesday 1/15, 7:15-8:00pm


Community acupuncture offers affordable, effective treatment in a group setting. In Chinese thinking the concept of energy reserves is easily understood like a bank account. Acupuncture helps the body make sure to replenish itself before draining its energy ‘savings’. While you lay relaxed and quiet, acupuncture needles focus your body’s healing energy where it is most needed. This gentle yet powerful procedure helps your body return to homeostasis: a correct balance between good health and vitality. This month you can expect a gentle and deeply relaxing treatment meant to recharge your drained energy.

Visit to learn more about the benefits of acupuncture.


Vincera Rehab Bootcamp

Monday 1/13, Wednesday 1/15, Friday 1/17, 6:30am-7:30am


Bootcamp meets outside Vincera every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for one hour of group conditioning led by Vincera Rehab’s Adam Ripa. It combines a variety of exercise modalities drawn from Adam’s Army training, professional background in strength & conditioning, and training from experience as a multi-sport athlete. It is a full body work out that can be modified to fit any fitness level so everyone is welcome!  As a reminder, Vincera has locker rooms and showers on site, as well as a sauna and steam room.

Re-New Week’s bootcamp will focus on retraining your body and motivating you to a healthy, fit 2014! For the seriously motivated, take advantage of a Re-New Week Special 3 classes for $40

Midday Training Run with Vincera Rehab

Tuesday 1/14, 12:00pm-1:00pm



Meet Adam Ripa, leader or Vincera Rehab Bootcamp, outside Vincera for this short distance run that will incorporate bootcamp elements. It is sure to wake up those muscles you may have forgotten about in the middle of the day. Vincera has locker rooms and showers on site, as well as a sauna and steam room.  Although the weather for next Tuesday looks like it will be perfect running weather, a rain-date will be Tuesday, 1/ 21.


Chair Massage provided by Vincera Rehab

Monday 1/13 11am – 1pm & Wednesday 1/15, 3pm – 5pm


The benefits of therapeutic massage go far beyond simple relaxation. Depending on the techniques used to lower blood pressure, decreased anxiety, ease headaches, facilitated breathing, and lead to increased energy. Take a little time from your day to get a 10 minute chair massage. Consider it a “tune up” to sooth away your post-holiday blues.

Call 267.592.3190 or email to reserve time …or stop in the lobby at Vincera!


Yoga Classes at Nava Yoga Center

During Re-New Week Yoga classes from Nava Yoga Center at The Navy Yard will also be offered, which will focus on reuniting yourself with your center. When you take a deep breath after that last holiday event, the last business deadline or the last day of travel for the year, where do you find yourself? Often it is not exactly where you need to be, your sleep schedule may be off, your diet in disarray, you weren’t quite able to shake that emotional anchor or bad habit that you identified last year. The yoga classes for the week will focus first on taking that deep breath and checking in with you. From there, you can move toward laying down new healthful patterns for the year.


Yoga Wall

Monday 1/13, 4:45pm & Friday at 1/17, 12pm

$15 Drop-in

One of the few in center city! Be Well Philly raves “If I could make this a once-a-week regimen, I TOTALLY would”. The YOGA WALL is a wonderful therapeutic aid for students seeking relief from neck, shoulder & back fatigue as well as being a fun way of taking a ‘flying lesson’. Yoga Wall classes help students work through fear and build confidence, offering stability for deeper standing postures, forward and back bends, twists and inversions.

Pre-register here, space limited


Beginners Yoga Series 1&2

Monday 1/13, 6:15pm & Tuesday 1/14, 12pm

$15 Drop-in

Interested in signing up for our 8 week Beginners Series but need reassurance it’s for you? Drop-in to the first week, meet the teacher and ask questions.  The Beginners Yoga Series 1 &2 seeks to accommodate beginners and students keen to work on foundation postures of the vinyasa practice, at a slower pace with time to ask questions and learn modifications. Where appropriate, you’ll move deeper into twisting and balance postures, both standing and seated. Students will learn the necessary tools to take them deeper into backward bending and inversions with stability. Best of all, students will continue to establish a firm foundation from which to continue their practice in open group classes or at home. Signup with a friend and each receive 10% OFF the entire series.