Recap: The 7th Annual Navy Yard Executives’ Breakfast

by Navy Yard
April 19, 2013

In April, the leaders from the diverse mix of companies at The Navy Yard gathered to network and hear about ongoing development projects and exciting accomplishments at The Navy Yard for the 7th Annual Executives’ Breakfast. John Grady, President of PIDC, and Will Agate, Senior Vice President, Navy Yard Management and Development, highlighted the recent “Celebrating 10,000 Employees” event, with the release of the updated real estate master plan and new energy master plan. It was also mentioned that 21 businesses have expanded or are new to The Navy Yard in the past 12 months, a tremendous accomplishment that brings our count to over 130 companies located on campus!

PIDC President John Grady at the 7th Annual Navy Yard Executives' Breakfast
PIDC President John Grady at the 7th Annual Navy Yard Executives’ Breakfast

Many great projects are underway, including construction of League Island Park and the Courtyard by Marriott hotel, renovation of Building 489 for Vincera Institute, full-spectrum retrofit of Building 661 for the Energy Efficient Buildings Hub (EEB Hub), and URBN’s continued campus expansion with two more building renovations. In addition, PIDC was proud to announce that since the launch of The Navy Yard Shuttle services in early December 2012, the shuttles average about 1,000 rides a day, and has provided over 65,000 total rides in only four and a half months. On the amenities side, PIDC is excited to have launched the spring Lunch Truck Lineup weekly popup series, and is hoping to announce a new restaurant deal at Building 500 in the upcoming months.

As always, PIDC thanks the businesses at The Navy Yard for being part of and helping us build our great community! For continued updates on these projects and more, follow The Navy Yard on social media.