The Navy Yard Welcomes: Environmental Construction Services, Inc. (ECSI360)

by Navy Yard
December 23, 2014

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The Navy Yard welcomes Environmental Construction Services, Inc. (ECSI360)! ECSI360 is a full service HVAC construction company that differentiates itself from the competition through its focus on energy-efficient retrofit projects. Relying on a staff comprised of mechanical, electrical and energy engineers and trades people, each with an average of more than 20 years of construction experience, ECSI360 brings together the innovation of conceptual design with the practical experience of real life construction.

Michael Brown, President and CEO of ECSI360, initially met United American Builders and BFW Group as participants in the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program in Philadelphia, which offers a practical business education, access to capital, and a supportive network of advisors and peers. After graduating from the program, ECSI360, United American Builders, and BFW decided to relocate together to The Navy Yard to share resources and collaborate on mutual business opportunities, while providing clients a full-service solution to building construction. The shared office space is located at Quarters M-1 on South Broad Street.

Michael says, “We chose The Navy Yard because of the momentum growing around energy efficiency. We found ourselves working with companies at The Navy Yard on advanced energy retrofits and energy saving initiatives on almost a weekly basis.”