The Navy Yard Welcomes: The Philadelphia Hand Center

by Navy Yard
March 30, 2015

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The Navy Yard is thrilled to welcome The Philadelphia Hand Center! The company, with 17 locations around Philadelphia, its surrounding suburbs, and Southern Jersey, has been diagnosing, treating, repairing and managing the complete rehabilitation of injuries to the hand, wrist, elbow, arms and shoulder for over 40 years. The Philadelphia Hand Center is able to accommodate patients who prefer a non-Center City location in its new office at The Navy Yard, which offers shorter travel distances, easy access to parking, and a location in close proximity to one of its main hospitals, Jefferson Methodist Campus. The Philadelphia Hand Center’s Navy Yard office is located in Quarters M-7, at 1321 Intrepid Ave, Suite 100 and has a great staff and two terrific physicians to see patients: David S. Zelouf, M.D. and Meredith N. Osterman, M.D.

“Our absolute favorite thing about our office at The Navy Yard is the community we serve. The patients we treat at our Navy Yard location are warm, kind and genuinely appreciative of what we do – it’s like we are becoming part of THEIR families!” said Jennifer Kuruc, Director of Practice Operations at The Philadelphia Hand Center.  “We also have enjoyed the close proximity of the other local businesses within The Navy Yard. It’s wonderful to be neighbors with such a variety of reputable companies and the being part of this phenomenal and rapidly evolving business community.”

The Hand Center continues to improve techniques and develop innovative protocols for the treatment of injured and diseased hands. The physicians of The Hand Centers have developed a number of innovations now used by surgeons throughout the world. Research remains an important part of The Hand Centers’ mission. By combining dedication to research, education, training, high levels of patient satisfaction and quality outcomes, The Philadelphia Hand Centers continue to lead the way to recovery for their patients. 

For more information about The Philadelphia Hand Center, please visit or call at (215) 521-3023.

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