The Navy Yard Welcomes: Vincera Rehab

by Navy Yard
January 29, 2014

Located within the Vincera Institute and led by Jim McCrossin, Philadelphia Flyers Head Athletic Trainer, and physical therapist Jim Brennan, Vincera Rehab offers services including physical therapy, massage therapy, and performance training. The team at Vincera Rehab is dedicated to treating the source of pain, not just easing the pain.

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You may have heard Sean Brace on 97.5 The Fanatic talk about his success in getting physical therapy done at Vincera for his back! Vincera Rehab’s physical therapy center specializes in treatment of injuries of the upper extremity, lower extremity, neck, back and core. Services include non-surgical sports injury treatment, rehab for orthopedic injuries including hips, knees & ankles, vestibular rehab, and treatment for back and neck injuries. Their licensed physical therapists also work with several regional surgeons to provide pre-operative and post-operative rehab protocols. Vincera Rehab works with most major medical insurance companies for physical therapy services.

Vincera Rehab PT

Vincera Rehab also offers something everyone can all benefit from: massage therapy! Therapeutic massage has been known to low blood pressure, decrease anxiety and depression, improve sleep, and help clear toxins from the body! Vincera offers hour and half hour sessions that are perfect way to re-energize during, before, or after the work day.

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For the motivated, Vincera Rehab offers a bootcamp class! Bootcamp meets year round, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at  6:30am in front of Vincera Institute, on 12th Street. At $15 a class or $130 for 10 classes, bootcampers get 1 hour of group conditioning class with Strength & Conditioning Coach Adam Ripa. The class combines a variety of exercise modalities drawn from Adam’s Army training, his professional background in strength & conditioning, and training from experience as a multi-sport athlete. The bonus: besides feeling accomplished by only 7:30am, Vincera has a steam shower and a sauna on site! Locker rooms and showers also on site (towels provided).

For more  information on Vincera Rehab, visit or call 215-592-3190.