Throwback Thursday: Buses + Shuttles

by Navy Yard
September 27, 2017

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Traveling to the Navy Yard has always come in many forms: driving,  carpooling, motorcycling, biking, walking, using taxis, carshares and rideshares, and even skateboarding! Using a bus or shuttle has long been a great source of transportation for the Navy Yard community and it’s many employees throughout the years.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1939
The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1939


According to this old photo from The Philadelphia Inquirer in 1939, “Empty seats on the top level of this south-bound Broad Street bus, making the turn around City Hall in 1939, were typical during non-rush hours. Although the top deck offered a superior view, most regular riders stayed below when they could get seats there. Climbing or descending the spiral stairs at the rear of a moving bus was not for the feeble or faith-hearted. Broad Street, which extends twelve miles within the city limits, is still said to be the longest straight street in the world- but unless you’re walking, don’t try to keep going straight when you reach City Hall.” ­


Today, the Navy Yard public transportation system has evolved, but its primary function remains the same. The shuttle is one of the many choices for the 13,000+ employees and visitors traveling to and from the Navy Yard each day.

The Navy Yard Shuttle program launched in December 2012, offering two free shuttle routes. One route, the Center City Express, picks up at Jefferson Station on 10th & Market, stopping in Old City at 4th & Market, and delivers riders to the Navy Yard. The other route, the Navy Yard Loop, transports riders from AT&T Station on the Broad Street Line to stops within the Navy Yard. Each shuttle is equipped with bike racks, free Wi-Fi, and a phone app for real-time tracking. Shuttle ridership has been steadily increasing since the launch, and today about 15% of the workforce use the free shuttles.

The Navy Yard gates 2014 shuttle

We are proud to offer our shuttles to better connect the Navy Yard with the Greater Philadelphia region, and to give employees and visitors great choices for travel needs.