Zipcar – Wheels When You Want Them at The Navy Yard

by Navy Yard
September 18, 2013

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The Navy Yard is pleased to announce that we are home to a new Zipcar car sharing location. The 10,000+ employees of the campus and South Philadelphia neighbors now have access to “wheels when you want them” with the addition of new Zipcars, including a Nissan “Shipyard” Sentra, centrally located at Building 101 (4747 S. Broad St).

Zipcar provides members with a new way to sail around Philadelphia, bringing self-service, on-demand car sharing to users on an hourly or daily reservation basis. To use Zipcars, simply register as a member, reserve a car online or by phone, use your Zipcard to enter the car, and drive away. When you’re done, return the car to the same location where you picked it up. Gas and insurance is included!

Check out the Nissan "Shipyard" Sentra, located at Building 101 (4747 S. Broad St)
Check out the Nissan “Shipyard” Sentra, located at Building 101 (4747 S. Broad St)

The addition of Zipcar to The Navy Yard will provide a convenient and environmentally friendly transportation alternative. Currently, employees take advantage of The Navy Yard’s shuttles, a free, rapidly growing program, which connect riders to the Broad Street Subway Line and Center City. Zipcar provides an amenity to employees who may ride the shuttles, bike, or carpool to work, but require access to a car for daytime errands, business needs, or other uses.

The more than 130 businesses at The Navy Yard can also benefit from Zipcar’s presence through the Zipcar for Business program that offers discounted driving rates Monday through Friday. This program helps businesses save money, meet environmental sustainability goals, and reduce parking requirements by providing their employees with access to Zipcars.

Save $30 today and receive $55 in FREE driving credits when you sign up at and use promo code TheYard13. Please contact Kristina Matthews at to receive more information on how your company can take advantage of Zipcar for Business.

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