Magical Fantasy was a nestled wonderland of immersive spatial artworks by London-based artist Morag Myerscough.

One of  the latest announced its latest public art exhibits from Group X and the Philadelphia Navy Yard, Magical Fantasy (#NavyYardMagic), was a nestled wonderland of immersive spatial artworks by London-based artist Morag Myerscough. Magical Fantasy was located at the Navy Yard’s iconic and historic Marine Parade Grounds through October 2022. 

This was the fourth collaborative public art partnership between Group X, a group of Philadelphia-based artists, curators, and organizers whose members are anonymous, and the Navy Yard, the “coolest shipyard in America” and leading model for repurposed military base where 15,000 employees work at 150 companies, surrounded by iconic parks, Complete Streets, and a riverfront greenway.

About the artist and the art exhibit

This project's collaborator, Morag Myerscough, is an artist and designer who creates installations and immersive spatial artworks that transform places and champions community and public interaction. Morag’s Magical Fantasy premiered at Firefly Music Festival in 2022 in Dover, Delaware for its ticketed audience. And the project was displayed at the Navy Yard through fall 2022, following one of Group X’s curatorial goals to bring more fun, exciting, and accessible public art projects to Philadelphia.

Magical Fantasy is totally about escapism,” artist Morag Myerscough elaborates. “A place to be alone or to share with others. An embracing arch to draw you through into another world and a place where you can let your imagination take over. Three dwelling structures to spend time in to dream, dance, sing - what ever it makes you feel. They are deliberately small to have a feeling of intensity. The colours and patterns are intense to stimulate the brain. The work is there for people to enjoy and embrace."

How to get to the Navy Yard

The Navy Yard and Group X welcome visitors of all abilities to explore Magical Fantasy. Like the previous exhibits, this exhibit is outdoors and is accessible by wheelchair.

The Navy Yard is open to the public from sunrise to sunset and is accessible via car, bike, Indego bikeshare, on foot, and Navy Yard Transit. The Marine Parade Grounds is located at Broad Street & Constitution Ave. 

Please enjoy the stunning artwork and do not climb on it or mark it in any way.

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