Broad Street Quay Wall Improvement Project

Safety & Accessibility

Reconstruction of a critical 734-foot section of Broad Street (referred to as the Quay Wall) officially started July 2022 with an estimated completion by the end of 2023.

The reconstruction of the Quay Wall is imperative to ensure safety and to increase accessibility for the public and the 150 businesses and 15,000 employees at the Navy Yard. The Quay Wall overlooks the Navy Yard River Basin and sits on top of a more than 120-year-old timber-bridge structure that has largely been submerged in the Delaware River and subject to the elements.

Photo: Diagram of Broad Street when complete.

The Design

The project is the result of a $19M+ joint-venture project between PennDOT, the U.S. Economic Development Administration, City of Philadelphia, and PIDC.

When complete, it will have four lanes for vehicles, a two-way raised bike lane, and a new, scenic pedestrian plaza overlooking the Reserve Basin.

Photo: Rendering of a completed Broad Street with a raised bike path and pedestrian plaza.

Groundbreaking Recap Video