Workforce Development Services

Working directly with Navy Yard employers, PIDC's Navy Yard Skills Initative (NYSI) enables businesses to hire local talent that can meet their demands and fill valuable positions. NYSI looks to coordinate services to address recruitment and retention challenges for entry-level and hard-to-fill positions that enable employers to connect with highly trained talent. With an emphasis on an employer-focused relationship we gather information and share data around talent needs and vacancies to develop customized training solutions based on each employer that enhances applicant competitiveness while preparing Philadelphians for the workforce.

NYSI’s goal is to support businesses and create a thriving ecosystem at the Navy Yard that hires locally. Through recruiting and training we aim to create a productive workforce that is high-skilled and highly motivated to grow with companies that offer a family-sustaining wage and pathways for growth.


Customized Training for New Staff: 

Using the nationally recognized WPSI training model, NYSI targets specific entry-level hard to fill positions and creates a cohort model to recruit, assess, and train participants on behalf of the Navy Yard employer who can then interview and hire this technically trained position-specific talent pool. Training programs can last anywhere from 4 weeks to multiple months, based on the employers' needs.

Using the NYSI model alumnus are ready and willing to become part of a company that has invested in their development from the beginning and the employer sees reduced turnover, lower training costs, and improved productivity. Graduates from NYSI programs continue to receive career coaching and professional development supports as alumni. 

Entry-Level Recruitment, Screening, and Referral

Using a robust recruitment partner network, NYSI can pre-screen and refer candidates for entry-level positions based on the employer’s specifications for multiple openings or larger recruitment efforts. We offer:

  • Sharing employment opportunities to a large recruitment pool
  • Matching candidate skills to employers needs
  • Screening and referral of qualified candidates
  • Pre-screening tools: Aptitude and Skills Assessments
  • Promoting entry-level, hard-to-fill vacancies to increase recruitment
  • Support planning and hosting of company job fairs at the Navy Yard

WPSI Employer Testimonials

  • “If we don’t have people to work in our labs, then our faculty can’t do their research. These jobs are mission-critical to what we do as a university. “And I think if we want to get at some of the bigger challenges around poverty in Philadelphia, those are all about jobs,” he adds. “When you look at some of the people we’re helping, some of them have been unemployed for 21 months. People get in situations that are out of their control. This is not a charity thing, but we’re helping people get back on track. These are very good, motivated people.” - Craig Carnaroli, University of Pennsylvania

  • "It's just a game-changer when it comes to how we recruit," said Al Santosusso, director of operations for Allied Universal, a security firm and long-time WPSI partner.

Business Solution Inquiries 

Our work relies on collaboration with Navy Yard employers. If you are interested in learning more about customized training solutions or forming a partnership, please contact A.J. Adams, Program Manager via email at