Celebrate the Homecoming of the Battleship New Jersey to the Navy Yard

by Navy Yard
March 19, 2024

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As you may have heard, the historic Battleship New Jersey is temporarily leaving its home on the Camden Waterfront and is making its way to the Navy Yard for maintenance – its first in 32 years.

This is a homecoming of sorts for the Battleship New Jersey as its construction began in the late 1930s, keel was laid at the Navy Yard September 16, 1940, launched December 7, 1942, and commissioned for service in World War II May 23, 1943.

During its service, it became the most decorated battleship in U.S. Navy history serving in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, and conflicts in the Middle East until its decommissioning in 1991. In 1999, it came back to the Navy Yard for restoration as a museum and then moved to the Camden Waterfront in 2001 where it’s been since.

“It’s an honor to be part of such a historic moment, as the legendary Battleship New Jersey comes home to the Navy Yard,” says Kate McNamara, PIDC’s Senior Vice President at the Navy Yard. “This incredible ship reflects the Navy Yard’s long history of innovation, advanced manufacturing, and an unparalleled skilled workforce that delivered 53 ships during World War II and continues to support a vibrant shipbuilding hub today, as well as major breakthroughs in cell and gene therapy.  The battleship returns to a growing and dynamic campus of more than 150 diverse businesses and 15,000 employees.  We are so proud that Philadelphia Ship Repair, a longtime Navy Yard company that supports quality jobs in the industrial trades, has been entrusted with the battleship’s maintenance.  The Battleship New Jersey continues to shape the story of not only the Navy Yard, but the Greater Philadelphia region.”

“Philadelphia Ship Repair is excited to have the Battleship New Jersey coming back home to the Navy Yard and being allowed to be a part of her historic story,” said Edward Snyder, CEO and President, Philadelphia Ship Repair, LLC. “We look forward to a successful drydocking so the vessel can continue being a historic asset for all to see and visit for years to come.”

“Bringing the Battleship back to the Philadelphia Naval Yard is an historic homecoming that is a tribute to both the New Jersey and the Naval Yard,” said Marshall Spevak, CEO of the Battleship New Jersey. “The Battleship was built here over 80 years ago and returned here in the late 1960’s, so it is only fitting that she should return for maintenance that will allow her to continue her service to the community, the State, and the nation. We know she is in great hands for the next two months and we look forward to her return.”

Follow the Battleship New Jersey’s Journey from Camden to the Navy Yard

  • March 21: Departure Celebration on the Camden Waterfront and journey down the Delaware River to the Paulsboro Marine Terminal, Paulsboro, New Jersey, for hull preparation.
  • March 27: Depart Paulsboro Marine Terminal to the Navy Yard’s Dry Dock 3 (19th St & Kitty Hawk Ave) for maintenance.

On March 21, for those unable to attend the Departure Ceremony in Camden, the public is invited to watch the Battleship New Jersey make its historic journey down the Delaware River along The Riverfront Greenway at the Navy Yard. The battleship is expected to be tugged past the Navy Yard between 1:45-3 p.m. on Thursday, March 21.

While at the Navy Yard Beginning March 27

When the Battleship New Jersey arrives at the Navy Yard on March 27 for dry dock maintenance, guided dry dock tours will be available on weekends. You can learn more about purchasing tickets on the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial website.

While the Battleship New Jersey will be visible in the dry dock from the street, those wanting to board the ship for a tour need to directly book tours through the Battleship New Jersey.

If you choose to come visit the Battleship New Jersey while in dry dock, we ask that you understand that the Navy Yard is an active business campus that is home to more than 150 businesses and 15,000 employees. Please obey posted signage regarding parking and traffic.

See an Original Battleship New Jersey Gun Barrel

Located at the corner of Broad St & Intrepid Ave on the Marine Parade Grounds sits a 16-inch 50 caliber Mark 7 gun barrel, which was the center gun of Turret 1 on the battleship. It was installed on the ship in February 1943, after the ship’s launch on December 7, 1942.

The gun barrel was used during World War II and the Korean War. In 1954 it was removed, relined, and placed in storage in Virginia. It is 68 feet long and weighs 120 tons. It was capable of firing a 2,700-pound projectile as far as 24 miles.

The gun barrel will be completely restored and painted by the staff and volunteers of the Battleship New Jersey Museum and Memorial in 2018.

Getting to the Navy Yard

Situated at the southern end of Broad Street, the Navy Yard is one of the region’s most accessible destinations. Visitors can reach the Navy Yard by public transportation, car, bike, bus, or even on foot.

The Navy Yard runs shuttle services that allow employees and visitors easy access to the Navy Yard from Center City and from NRG Station on the Broad Street Subway Line.

Learn more about how to get to the Navy Yard in the Directions & Maps and Navy Yard Transit sections of our website.

Things to See & Do

We invite you to visit the Navy Yard to enjoy our 20 plus acres of Parks & Greenspaces and a mile of waterfront trail, a variety of Food & Drink options, and our rotating selection of Public Art.

For your convenience, we’ve created an interactive Navy Yard – Things to See & Do Map where you can conveniently discover all the Navy Yard has to offer from the palm of your hand.

The map, which can be downloaded and accessed through Google Maps, contains information on our parks, historical buildings, and food & drink options.

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