Coriell Life Sciences Research Finds Precision Medicine Has Reached a Global Tipping Point for Adoption

by Navy Yard
January 19, 2023

Big news coming from Coriell Life Sciences. Their newly published research, authored by leaders at the company, reveals that the time is finally right for healthcare systems, employers, and governments to establish genome-informed clinical decision-making as the new standard of care.

“The stage is set for leaders around the world to change healthcare as we know it,” says co-author Scott Megill, President and CEO of Coriell Life Sciences. “Studies have shown that using genetic information to provide more targeted therapeutic care significantly improves patient outcomes and reduces the overall cost of healthcare. This is especially true for pharmacogenomics (PGx), which uses an individual’s DNA to determine if medications are likely to be unsafe or ineffective for them specifically. We’re now entering a new age where barriers have transformed into boons for PGx-enabled precision medicine.”

The research paper, published by Cambridge University Press, examines the maturation of critical factors required for the use of clinical genetics at scale, including:

  • Clinical utility
  • Laboratory technology
  • User acceptance
  • Implementation models
  • Economic value

Coriell Life Sciences is headquartered in the Navy Yard is a precision medicine genetics company using genetic science and research to improve lives, reduce healthcare costs, and simplify decision-making for their customers throughout the United States and around the world.

You can read the full story on the Coriell Life Sciences website.