Improved Cell Service Across Navy Yard

by Navy Yard
January 25, 2023

You may have not seen them, but you probably noticed the improvement in cell connectivity at the Navy Yard. AT&T just launched several new small cell sites across the 1,200-acre campus.

Four new small-cell sites are now online which have dramatically enhanced coverage throughout the Navy Yard – especially for businesses along Kitty Hawk Ave and Flagship Dr.

These network enhancements provide drastic coverage and in-building penetration improvement. Navy Yard businesses located in the area of the new small cells, can now benefit from additional coverage and capacity outside as well as select indoor locations enabling customers connectivity. These small cell sites are located in areas of high foot traffic and are typically disguised to blend in with the surrounding ascetics of the local community. They also help with additional coverage and capacity in targeted areas where building a large scale cell tower may be difficult.

The added cell small cell sites are just some of the many campus improvements coming to help increase satisfaction among the 150 businesses and 15,000 employees at the Navy Yard.