The Navy Yard Welcomes Vinta Bio

by Navy Yard
August 8, 2022

The Navy Yard is pleased to welcome Vinta Bio, our newest life sciences company, to the Navy Yard community located at 4050 S. 26th Street, Suite 200. Vinta Bio, a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), is focused on helping customers develop and manufacture viral vectors and cell therapy products. Its vision is to grow into a staple in the cell and gene therapy industry through their superior product quality and unmatched customer service.

Philadelphia is one of the fastest growing cell and gene therapy hubs in the country, which is one of the many reasons Vinta Bio moved its company to the Navy Yard. Additionally, Philadelphia has great incentives for small businesses looking to grow and add jobs to the local economy.

Vinta Bio currently has 20 employees and is forecasted to triple in size within the next 12 months. Seeing the demand for service there is a tremendous potential for business development and building partnerships, new customers, and local talent. The development aspirations are front and center for Vinta Bio. If you want to work in a GMP facility with a team at the ready to get started on projects for viral vector or cell therapy production or are interested in producing research-grade plasmids to support the program, please contact Aaron Solis, Head of Business Development, at

Companies like Vinta Bio are at the heart of the Navy Yard’s 20-year plan, which includes constructing 1.5 million square feet of life science manufacturing facilities. The Navy Yard is uniquely suited to attract and support life sciences both locally and internationally. With its proximity to the innovation and talent pool in University City and the surrounding region, the Navy Yard is an alluring option for companies looking to create unprecedented advances in medicine.